Amazonico - London, UK


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) will make sure that the right people can access the right resources at the right time - and nothing more. ZTNA adoption spiked in 2020 as organisations scrambled to solve an unprecedented remote access challenge. 
Looking ahead, enterprises are faced with the decision of staying fully remote, returning full-time to the workplace, or more of a hybrid environment. This change has led to people working differently, workloads being hosted anywhere, and where physical perimeters no longer exist. As a result, traditional secure access controls are no longer effective for today's hybrid enterprise world. 
Join this exclusive dinner at Amazonico to learn how a fully adaptive ZTNA solution can allow your network access strategy to adapt with the times and secure your modern workforce.
  • How enterprises can get started with implementing a ZTNA model.
  • How to deliver consistent, secure, and simplified access across both on-prem and multi-cloud environments.
  • Why building a Zero Trust architecture provides significantly improved security and streamlined operations.



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